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    • Join the ESI Africa community of over 5,000 like-minded decision makers and influencers with vested interests in Africa's power industry who receive the quarterly print issue of ESI Africa. The digital version is sent to an additional 50,000 and more industry professionals. Editorial content includes generation, transmission and distribution issues, while also exploring the role of alternative energy sources and energy efficiency in providing a comprehensive and sustainable energy mix. Be it a global webinar campaign to help cement your company’s position as a thought leader, a white paper promotion package or an informative commercial editorial spread, ESI Africa has the perfect promotion campaign specific to your needs.


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    • Africa Confidential is one of the longest-established specialist publications on Africa, with a considerable reputation for being first with in-depth news and analysis on significant political, economic and security developments across the continent. Our track record owes much to our comprehensive network of local correspondents, and the connections we’ve built up throughout Africa since we started publishing back in 1960.

      Why ‘confidential‘?

      This continent-wide, on-the-ground coverage enables us to identify and monitor upcoming issues long before they are picked up by the general media – and analyse their real significance for our readers. What’s more, all our contributors write for us on the basis of strict anonymity, a principle that was established from the outset in 1960 to ensure writers’ personal safety in the turbulent, early years of post-colonial African independence.  Hence the newsletter’s title.

      Who reads Africa Confidential?

      Today, Africa Confidential is read fortnightly by a wide range of institutions and individuals around the world, all of them united in their need for timely, accurate and incisive analysis of contemporary African developments.

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    • Africa investor is a specialist investment and communications firm advising governments, international organisations and businesses on communication strategies for capital market and foreign direct investments in Africa. Africa investor publishes Africa investor, the leading international newsstand magazine for Africa’s investment decision makers; maintains the Africa investor 40 Investors’ Index, hosts the Ai CEO Institutional Summit & Awards and the Ai CEO Infrastructure Investment Summit & Awards, among other events.

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    • Connecting and Celebrating Africa and its Diaspora

      AfricaOracle is a media consultancy organisation that provides information about Africa, the Diaspora and African-related events.

      We publish a number of digital magazines on our website,, that covers a broad range of topics including as business, travel, science and technology, art and culture. AfricaOracle also offers media services such as events promotion, media partnerships, feature stories, newsletters and we have a reach to over 10,000 followers and users.

      For further information about working with AfricaOracle please contact us at: / / +44 955 603 197.

      For more information please visit: Africa Oracle

    • African Banker is a quarterly magazine dedicated to banking and finance in Africa. It taps into the growing demand for information on Africa’s banking and finance sectors giving readers in-depth analysis on individual African markets and the impact globally. These sectors are rapidly expanding and reshaping the economy of the continent.

      For more information please visit: African Banker

    • Reaching over 300,000 readers monthly in over 75 countries, African Business is the best-selling, ABC-audited, African English language magazine. It is a sober, yet essential read for the discerning business person in Africa, or business person doing business in Africa. It is regarded with enormous respect globally.

      For more information please visit: African Business

    • African Business Central (“ABC”) is a leading online media company showcasing curated and original news on African Business, primarily, and all things Africa, in general.

      ABC's rapidly-growing site attracts tens of thousands of visitors every month that read and watch news, analyses, and opinions of business, economic, political, and cultural events in and about Africa. ABC is making its mark around the world telling Africa's success stories and highlighting the continent's swift socio-economic ascent to a rapidly-growing global audience.

      ABC’s core values are based on the notion that business, in general, and entrepreneurship, in particular, is the surest path to Africa’s socio-economic progress.

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    • African Energy is a respected source of independent analysis on the continent’s energy industries, produced by Cross-border Information (CbI), a globally recognised business intelligence company with a long established research focus on the politics, energy and financial sector trends of Africa and the Middle East.

      African Energy’s work is based on the foundation of experienced staff analysts – African Energy has been produced by the same lead team since its launch in 1998 – and a network of correspondents and sources across more than 40 African countries.

      African Energy’s consultancy unit has conducted research for a wide variety of private and public sector clients including the Africa-EU Energy Partnership (AEEP), and the African Development Bank-based Infrastructure Consortium for Africa.

      Tel: +44(0)1424 721667. Web:

      For more information please visit: African Energy

    • Alternative Energy Africa is the continent’s first magazine dedicated to literally filling the energy information gap in Africa. Alternative Energy Africa provides its readers updates on private sector projects, government initiatives, business and investment news, and strategies for a thriving alternative/renewable energy market on the African continent, all of this in addition to global project news and groundbreaking technology coverage. And to complement the magazine, offers the latest updates between issues making the AEA online and print duo “the premiere source” of alternative and renewable energy news covering the African continent.

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    • American Business TV is a global financial news network that reports on business, trade, and investing. ABTV reaches an audience of investors and consumers with original programs that cover emerging technologies, innovations, discoveries, international trade, and financial markets on our exclusive streaming and Live TV channels.

      American Business TV and it’s programming is available on Roku, Apple TV, Amazon Fire TV and over 50 national television affiliate stations, allowing our viewers to enjoy premium business content on digital TV, mobile devices, social media and smart TV’s.

      ABTV – American Business TV is international, available in the Roku Channel Store in the following regions: United States, United Kingdom, Ireland, and Canada.

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    • AptanTech is a blog covering tech and business-related developments in Kenya, Africa and the world. AptanTech, which has been published since 2009, has the following sections – News, Reviews, Analysis & Features, CSR, Tech&PR, Week-in-Tech, Events NoticeBoard and BLOG. Up&Ap segment which profiles upcoming and inspirational industry leaders in a Q&

      For more information please visit: Aptantech

    • Aspire Africa is a digital platform committed to promoting African synergy!

      Our publication profiles CEO’s, entrepreneurs, and innovative companies to discuss business strategy, trends, leadership and growth opportunities covering African achievement that our subscribers and readers will find highly engaging and valuable.

      Each edition of Aspire Africa reaches investors, ‘c’ level executives, state and federal public servants and marketing teams across the continent.

      Our editorial team is on top of major developments across the continent making Aspire Africa one of the most signi´Čücant platforms showcasing African achievement.

      For more information please visit: Aspire Africa

    • The energy4africa website family brings together news on all major energy related issues in Africa with overviews of events and background information. Dedicated websites do focus on specific technologies:,, and The website also boosts a comprehensive database of hydropower stations in east and southern Africa.

      For more information please visit: Biomass4Africa

    • For over 20-years the magazine has enjoyed the readership of architects, engineers, quantity surveyors, project managers, interior designers, developers, building specialists, contractors, landscape architects and contractors, real estate agents and investors, property managers, suppliers to the construction industry, government departments and ministries: local authorities, land surveyors, financial institutions, telecommunication companies etc.  The print edition is distributed in over ten Africa countries with the digital version sent monthly to over 200000 readers in our database.

      For more information please visit: Construction Review

    • Essential Business Magazine is a leading business to business publication. We cater for businesses across the globe from Africa, the Middle East to Europe. With over 500,000 subscribed readers globally this makes us a prominent publication for all businesses to showcase their success and innovative stories to a global market.

      For more information please visit: Essential Business Magazine

    • Find Exporters is an online Web Portal for Exporters, Manufacturers & Suppliers. These Companies are listed as per their respective categories and comprise of complete contact and product details so that the search effort of the interested client is minimized and more target oriented went online in 2004 with a mission to facilitate exports worldwide. Primarily, the portal provides information on manufacturers and exporters assisting importers and buyers worldwide to source products, equipment, machinery and services from all across the globe. Besides it is very informative in terms of news, research, statistics, trade fairs, conferences etc. being held worldwide

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    • Footprint to Africa is a media and investment company, aimed at facilitating and promoting investments in Africa. Footprint to Africa Media is home to the news platform, Africa in 10 Minutes and Popular in Africa. Footprint to Africa Investor Service acts as a bridge between investors and viable investment opportunities in Africa

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    • Gulf Oil and Gas (GOG) is the gateway to the oil and gas markets in the eastern hemisphere. Gulf Oil and Gas attracts thousands of professional regular visitors each day. With 50% of our audience defining themselves as engineers and another 25% in managerial roles. GOG 3D Projects service tracks information for 2000+ projects across the Middle East, Asia and Africa. GOG career center is dedicated to assisting organizations in building their engineering and technical resources.

      For more information please visit: Gulf Oil and Gas

    • The energy4africa website family brings together news on all major energy related issues in Africa with overviews of events and background information. Dedicated websites do focus on specific technologies:,, and The website also boosts a comprehensive database of hydropower stations in east and southern Africa.

      For more information please visit: Hydro4Africa

    • iEcoAfrica bring actors and entities together who wish to inspire and lead positive change in the minds of people and in the ecosystems around and inside organisations. Our network provides a space for dynamic, transparent communication, exchanging knowledge and forging partnerships for impact at scale. 

      Sustainability Communications, Economic Environmental & Social Governance (EESG) Reporting & Disclosure, Big Data, Behavioural Change and Stakeholder Engagement is just some of what we do. Our objective is to drive sustainable organisational practice in Africa.

      For more information please visit: iecoAfrica

    • In On Africa (IOA) is an expert research, consulting and publishing firm in and focused on Africa. With more than 300 consultants across the continent, IOA provides clients with various Africa-focused research intelligence solutions, highly topical thought-leadership publications and skilled content marketing services. IOA aims to connect Africa’s potential.

      For more information please visit: In On Africa

    • Kenya Engineer is the definitive publication for Engineers in east Africa and beyond since 1972 and the official Journal of the Institution of the Engineers of Kenya (IEK). It is published once every two months(bi-monthly). The Journal carries a variety of Engineering oriented articles, Covering news, Features, leading projects, interesting profile of leading engineers and contractors, referred professionals papers, meetings as well as news on engineering and construction equipment gathered from across the East Africa region.

      For more information please visit: Kenya Engineer

    • Matchdeck is re-inventing the way companies interact with and do business with each other. Our matching engine uses semantic web technology to match companies based on their business goals. Once matched, companies connect with each other directly on our platform and this removes the need for more traditional forms of B2B marketing.

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    • Along with being one the biggest-selling pan-African magazine in English New African brings an African perspective to international reporting on the continent. Inspiring and always enlightening, New African aims to cover real issues often ignored elsewhere and to correct the many misconceptions associated with the continent. Each month, New African delivers the best features and commentaries on Africa and its people.

      For more information please visit: New African

    • The OSGP Alliance is the global non-profit association dedicated to promoting the adoption of the Open Smart Grid Protocol (OSGP) and infrastructure for smart grid applications towards a future proof modern smart grid. With a key focus on security, smart metering, smart grid, grid analytics, distribution network management and smart cities our members, including utilities, hardware manufacturers, service providers and system integrators, all share a common goal and vision: promoting open standards for energy demand side management, smart grid and smart metering systems. 

      For more information please visit: OSGP Alliance

    • The PRIVATE SECTOR, a KEPSA publication, is a Kenyan quarterly magazine with international presence, supported and presented by KEPSA, and published by Brand Effects EA Ltd.  It was developed and launched with a vision of being the voice of the private sector stakeholders from all aspects of commerce in Kenya.

      For more information please visit:

    • The energy4africa website family brings together news on all major energy related issues in Africa with overviews of events and background information. Dedicated websites do focus on specific technologies:,, and The website also boosts a comprehensive database of hydropower stations in east and southern Africa.

      For more information please visit: Solar4Africa

    • Today there is no shortage of information on power and energy. Yet in this age of information overload, most professionals still take the time to read their favourite daily newspaper. The Energy Industry Times is a newspaper-style tabloid dedicated to reporting on the industry’s key issues. At last, an easy way to follow the latest news and trends in power and energy – from a source you can trust.

      For more information please visit: The Energy Industry Times

    • The energy4africa website family brings together news on all major energy related issues in Africa with overviews of events and background information. Dedicated websites do focus on specific technologies:,, and The website also boosts a comprehensive database of hydropower stations in east and southern Africa.

      For more information please visit: Wind4Africa

    • is the word’s leading online marketplace of the wind industry where supply and demand come together. With its international reach we open up new markets for companies from all around the globe on a sales and purchasing platform for used and new wind turbines and spare parts.

      For more information please visit: GmbH

    • The African Power Platform was born from the need of being able to find all the players of the power industry in one place. The African Power Platform is on a daily basis advocating for taking access to power to every corner of Africa.

      For more information please visit: The African Power Platform

    • The African Bulletin (TAB), published since August 2002 is the foremost African oriented newspaper in Europe in terms of reach and readership. It is a general interest newspaper as the issues published are broad, topical and interesting to all. TAB is non-political and non-religious newspaper operated by Africans from different African countries.

      For more information please visit: The African Bulletin (TAB)

    • Renewables in Africa (RiA) is the expert blog about Renewable Energy in Africa. Our ambition is to raising the Technical Awareness about Clean Energy sources in Africa and information dissemination to the wider audience. RiA is helping businesses primarily, but also the civil society to understand the Clean Energy Industry

      For more information please visit: Renewables in Africa (RiA)

    • Transformers Magazine is a publication specializing in the transformers industry and the market, with particular focus on green solutions and solutions for smart grid. We nurture a scientific approach to the scope of interest and our technical and business articles are recognized by their professional and graphical excellence.

      For more information please visit: Transformers Magazine

  • Thank you to our supporting associations

    • It is the vision of ARE that by 2030 everyone in the world and in particular all rural people in low-and medium income countries should have access to affordable, secure and clean energy and energy services.

      For more information please visit: Alliance for Rural Electrification

    • The International Centre for Hydropower, ICH, is a non-profit association based on institutional membership among organizations involved in the hydropower sector. The purpose of ICH is to raise standards of competence of industry personnel and work for a sustainable development of hydropower resources by organizing training courses, workshops and conferences.

      For more information please visit: International Centre for Hydropower

    • The SACEEC is a private/public Partnership established in 2000 to facilitate growth and development of the Capital Goods and services sector. The SACEEC provides a facilitating role in assisting the capital equipment sector companies to grow their business through exporting.

      The South African Capital equipment export council’s mission is to facilitate, support and develop a competitive South African capital equipment manufacturing and services sector.

      For more information please visit: SACEEC

    • Uganda National Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency Alliance (UNREEEA) is a private sector umbrella of players in Uganda’s renewable energy sector. There are seven main action areas with its mandate as follows: capacity building, awareness creation, Standard quality assurance and consumer protection, promotion of investment, market development, lobbying and advocating.

      For more information please visit: UNREEEA

    • The Standard Transfer Specification (STS) has become recognised as the only globally accepted open standard for prepayment systems, ensuring interoperability between system components from different manufacturers of prepayment systems.

      For more information please visit: STS Association

    • MESIA is the largest solar trade association in the Middle East and North Africa region. Established in 2009, the association represents over 150 international and local organizations including investors, installers, manufacturers, law firms, consultants, policymakers and banks. MESIA is headquartered in Dubai, UAE and carries out solar-related activities and programs across the MENA region. Its regional coverage stretches from Egypt to Saudi Arabia, with over 10,000 subscribers. Over the past 8 years, MESIA has organized over 90 industry events focused on strengthening the footprint of solar energy in our region, including trade missions in Egypt, Pakistan and Jordan. Along the way, MESIA has won several prestigious awards and had been recognized by leading government authorities across the MENA region. MESIA also publishes industry-leading reports which have been featured in the New York Times, Wall Street Journal and the FT.