Categories & Criteria

Individual Awards

Outstanding Contribution: Power

This award celebrates the accomplishments of an individual in a senior position from a utility, public or private company who has displayed passion and commitment to the power industry, whilst also demonstrating leadership, vision and success.


1. The individual will be seen to have made a significant contribution to their organisation’s well-being and growth on either a specific project or overall management within their department.

2. There should be evidence of the individual’s industry reputation, company performance and growth, or operational success that showcases leadership qualities.

3. The establishment of progressive projects, policies, or operational structures that have made a financial contribution to the company.

4. How are they mentoring future leaders? 

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Energy Reporter of the Year

This award recognises a professional journalist who produced outstanding work in 2016/17 for the public, either independently or as an employee of an editorially independent news entity through their reporting on the power sector in East Africa. 


1. Entries must include a minimum of two and maximum of four articles / links to online articles written between July 2016 and July 2017. 

2. The justification for motivation must include information on the entrant and why they are deserving of this award.

3. Entries may be submitted by either journalists or their employers. 

4. Judges will be looking for demonstration of individual enterprise, fairness, accuracy and objectivity. 

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Future Energy Leader Award

This award recognises a person under the age of 35 who has made an outstanding contribution to the energy industry. This young professional has had outstanding career achievements to date and a strong potential to play a leading role in their sector going forward.


1. The nominee must be 35 years or under when the award is presented. 

2. He/she must have made an exemplary personal and professional contribution to the energy sector in East Africa. 

3. He/she must have been seen to raise awareness on energy/environmental issues.

4. He/she must show evidence of actively engaging leading decision makers on energy/environmental issues in his/her community.

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Organisational / Project Awards

Outstanding Energy Project 

The Outstanding Energy Project rewards a project launched by a utility, off-grid producer, IPP, government, minister, regulator or investor within the last 24 months (August 2015 – July 2017). 


1. Demonstrate how the project was planned and executed with excellence and is delivering significant benefits to stakeholders, including the wider community.

2. How has the project made a contribution to increasing generation capacity in the past year (July 2016 to date)?

3. Was there innovative use of technology and/or innovative structuring of the project?

4. Describe the positive impact on the community in the area (job creation, skills training, improved living conditions). 

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Community Initiative of the Year 

This important and prestigious award honours an organisation that demonstrates high standards and initiatives that enrich East African citizens. The award aims to recognise the values that form the cornerstone of a good business from its approach to knowledge transfer, suppliers, the environment and a sustainable future. 


1. Please provide a brief outline of the project description and scope.

2. How is the project benefitting the community since its launch? What is the impact of the initiative? 

3. What is the company’s on-going commitment to the project? 

4. What is the opportunity for sustaining benefits in the longer term or extending the project?

5. How does this initiative go above and beyond a standard CSR activity?

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Innovative Technology of the Year  

This award will acknowledge a business that has achieved commercial success from energy-focused advanced technology, research or developing products, services, or solutions relevant to the energy sector.


1. How is the product different from what’s already on the market? What are its unique features/applications?

2. How did the innovation come about?

3. Show evidence of the differences it has made. 

4. How broad is its reach across business sectors and/or scalability?

5. The product must have been launch in the last year (July 2016 – to date).

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Exhibitor Award

Best Custom Stand 

This award is only for Future Energy East Africa custom build stand exhibitors. Any exhibitor building a custom stand at Future Energy East Africa 2017 will receive automatic entry into this category and judging will take place on Wednesday 29 November by an independent judging panel. The winner will be announced during the Industry Awards Gala Dinner.