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                                      Tuesday 28 November 2017



Pre-Conference Masterclass


Registration & Networking coffee



Renewable Energy Financing





The industry has seen committed capital of at least $30bn over the next five years from public and private funders, all focused on Africa for access to energy. However, access to finance remains the number one restriction to scale. This MasterClass will identify strategies for reducing costs and raising finance.

DAY ONE - Wednesday 29th November 2017


Session 1.1

Mastering East Africa’s Optimal Generation Mix







-Predictions for East Africa’s generation mix

-How are governments planning accessibility for all?  How are policies meeting demand?

-Successful management of surplus

-Effective solutions for potential shortfalls


Speakers to be invited:

·         Dr Joseph Njoroge, Principal Secretary, Ministry of Energy and Petroleum, Kenya*

·         Hon Engineer Irene Muloni, Minister for Ministry of Energy and Mineral Development  & Chair, Council of Ministers, Uganda*

·         Hon Prof Sospeter Muhongo, Minister for Energy and Minerals, Ministry of Energy & Minerals, Tanzania*

·         Hon Dr.Ing Seleshi Bekele, Minister for Water, Irrigation and Electricity (MOWIE), Ministry for Water, Irrigation and Electricity (MOWIE) Ethiopia*

·         Hon. Dr Augustine P. Mahiga, East African Community, Tanzania*



Inspirational Keynote Address : Developing East Africa’s Future Leaders

·         Dr Chris Kirubi, CEO and Chairman, Capital Group, Kenya*


Exhibition Visit, Networking and Lunch Break

Session 1.2

Stimulating Regional Grid Expansion




Panel: Achieving successful integration and what it means for the economy

-How will the grid be expanded? Is it viable?

-How is it being financed?

-How can you secure private money into the transmission sector?

-Regional trading and cross border integration- what is working? Where are the gaps?

-How to generate, export and sell effectively- credible communication/ dialogue


Speakers to be invited:

·         Alison Chikova, Acting Chief Coordination Manager, Southern African Power Pool (SAPP), Zimbabwe*

·         Zelalem Gebrehiwot, Technical Director, Eastern Africa Power Pool, (EAPP), Ethiopia*

·         Director of Transmission, Tanesco, Tanzania*

·         Malama Chileshe, Energy Economist, COMESA Common Market for Eastern and Southern Africa, Zambia*

·         CPA Fernandes Barasa, MD & CEO, Kenya Electricity Transmission company ( KETRACO), Kenya*

·         Eng. Yousif Hamza, MD, Sudanese Electricity Transmission Company (SETCO), Sudan*

·         Jeremiah Mutonga, Resident representative, AfDB, Uganda*

·         Senior representative, Agence Française de Développement (AFD), France*

·         Senior representative, European Investment Bank (EIB), South Africa*

·         Senior representative, Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA), Japan*



Coffee & Networking Break

Session 1.3

One Tariff for All?




- What is the impact of Regional Tariffs on Power Trading?

- Debating Tariff models fit for East Africa’s Power and Energy collaboration


Speakers to be invited:

·         Zelalem Gebrehiwot, Technical Director, Eastern Africa Power Pool, (EAPP), Ethiopia*

·         CEO, Electricity Regulatory Commission (ERC), Uganda*

·         DG, Electricity Regulatory Commission (ERC), Kenya*

·         CEO, Electricity Regulatory Commission (ERC), Tanzania*

·         DG, Electricity Regulatory Commission (ERC), Ethiopia*


Conference closes – Networking on Exhibition Floor

DAY TWO - Thursday 30th November 2017


Future Energy East Africa Track

Session 2.1.1

The Progress of Private Sector Partnerships and Investment in East Africa

Session 2.2.1

How is East Africa’s Utility Business Model Evolving?


Case Study: What ideas can be adopted from the East African telecommunication / Service Provider model?  Safaricom’s story


·         Ken Okwero, Head of Strategy, SafariCom, Kenya*

- What is driving change in East Africa’s utility sector?

-What lessons can be learnt from other countries?

- What is the status of unbundling?


Speakers to be invited:

·         Gabriel Negatu, Regional Director, East Africa Regional Center, AfDB, Kenya*

·         Kwame Parker, Executive and Regional Head Power and Infrastructure East Africa, Stanbic Bank, Kenya*

·         Dr.Tito Mwinuka, Ag. MD,TANESCO, Tanzania*


Panel: How do you attract private sector investment?

-          What models are out there? Example from Brazil

-          Reviewing the ‘Build, Own, Transfer’ modelHear an update on the Power Africa pilot project (with McKinsey)


Speakers to be invited:

·         Mark Carrato, Chief, Office of Economic Growth & Power Africa Kenya Team Leader, USAID/Kenya & East Africa, Kenya*

Senior representative, McKinsey, Kenya*

Coffee & Networking Break

Session 2.1.2

Renewable Energy Project Case Studies


Session 2.2.2

Latest Technology for Greatest Efficiencies  




Project developers to showcase their stories, plans and achievements


-Find out the technological solutions that will save you money

-Reducing technical losses through innovation


Speakers to be invited:

·         Senior representative, Lucy Electric, South Africa*

Exhibition Visit, Networking and Lunch Break

Session 2.1.3

Renewable Energy Project Case Studies

Session 2.2.3

Post Grid Future: Mini and Micro Grids




Project developers to showcase their stories, plans and achievements




·         Mini grids can be a tough business model to get right. This session will address:

·         - Avoiding high CAPEX

·         - Planning for insufficient population density

·         - Understanding the importance of a reliable mobile coverage


Speakers to be invited:

·         Jasmin Fraatz, GIZ, Kenya*

·         Charles Muchunku, Chairman, Kenya Renewable Energy Association, Kenya*

·         Sam Slaughter, Managing Director and Co-Founder, PowerGen Renewable Energy, Kenya*

·         Coffee & Networking Break

Session 2.1.4

Renewable Energy Project Case Studies


Session 2.2.4

Mobile Money: Solutions to Increase your Revenue




Project developers to showcase their stories, plans and achievements


-How is mobile payment transforming the payment of electricity?

-How can utilities improve their service?


Speakers to be invited:

·         Ron Margalit, Principal for Financing, Lumos, Nigeria*


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Wednesday 29 November

EEP Workshop for Rural Access

Technologies & Innovation

Thursday 30 November

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