Pre-conference Masterclass

The Future Direction of East Africa’s Energy Sector

Pre-Conference Masterclass

Venue: Ivory


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Scaling up private sector investment for renewable energy projects


The industry has seen committed capital of at least $30bn over the next five years from public and private funders, all focused on Africa for access to energy. However, access to finance remains the number one restriction to scale. This Masterclass will identify strategies for reducing costs and raising finance.


Identify strategies for reducing costs and raising finance for renewable energy projects

·       Alec Joubert, Investment Director, Energy Projects, Camco Clean Energy, UK


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Understanding the impact of currency changes on your renewable energy project and methods to mitigate the risk


Currency volatility, especially in developing nations, is a significant risk to foreign players interested to invest in the renewable energy sector. Currency movements can also place unexpected and sudden pressure on not only the economic and financial viability of incumbent licensees but can result in major upward pressure on electricity tariffs. This Masterclass will consider various strategies and mechanisms to deal with currency volatility in the electricity industry. 


Sponsor’s welcome

·      Jan Cloin, Project Manager, EU Energy Initiative Partnership Dialogue Facility (EUEI PDF), Belgium


The case for macro stability

·      Harald Hirschhofer, Senior Advisor, The Currency Exchange Fund (TCX), The Netherlands


The importance of forex risk management from a DFI’s perspective

·      Manager, KfW Development Bank, Germany


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Forex heading options and approaches

·      Per van Swaay, Senior Vice President, The Currency Exchange Fund (TCX), The Netherlands


Roundtable discussion – Concerns, opportunities and next steps


End of Masterclass



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