Opportunities in East Africa

Market Statistics and Opportunities in East Africa

The energy industry is changing – the role of the utilities is evolving. We are seeing more IPPs, more self-generation and more off grid solutions and it is not just on a commercial scale, we are seeing this right down to schools, housing estates and individual homes, and it is happening across the continent. Here are some highlights from these changes across East Africa.

  • East Africa is forecasted to have more than 50,000MW OF GENERATION POTENTIAL by 2030
  • By 2020 Kenya is expected to generate more than 50% OF TOTAL ELECTRICITY FROM RENEWABLE SOURCES - the highest ratio of any SSA country.
  • Uganda has an estimated GEOTHERMAL RESOURCE POTENTIAL OF 450MW
  • Kenya has committed to constructing 10,354 KM OF TRANSMISSION LINES BY 2030 in rural and urban areas as part of electrification project at a cost of USD 4.5 billion
  • LNG exports from East Africa are expected to commence in 2020, rapid DEVELOPMENT OF GAS POWER PROJECTS will provide a short-term solution to growing electricity demand in the region.
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