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1 - 3 September 2020
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ISA Altanova Group

Stand: 116
  • | Transmission & Distribution

ALTANOVA GROUP develops, manufacture and distribute products, systems, and provide services for several applications like, quality control, commissioning tests, on-line/off-line measurements, and permanent monitoring.
Set in Italy, Altanova has its roots in ISA and TECHIMP, two long experienced companies in the market of testing and monitoring solutions for electrical systems. We design TESTING EQUPMENT for testing transformers, HV cables, MV cables, rotating machines, MV switchgears, variable speed drives and GIS, together with GLOBAL MONITORING SYSTEMS for substation, power transformer, overhead lines, GIS, CT/VT, circuit breaker, MV switchgears.


Via Prati Bassi, 22
Taino (Va)
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