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17 Jun 2019

EPRA INTERVIEW: “My vision is for demand to grow so that the cost of energy is affordable”

Annemarie Roodbol
Exclusive interview with Caroline Kimathi, Principal Officer, Renewable Energy at the Energy and Petroleum Regulatory Authority (EPRA) in Kenya. She is also an advisory board member for the upcoming edition of Future Energy East Africa in Nairobi from 17-18 September.

Can we start with some background on yourself and your role at EPRA?
I am currently the Principal Officer, Renewable Energy at the EPRA in Kenya. My responsibilities include formulating and implementing of codes of practice, standards and regulatory instruments for the renewable energy sub sector, providing technical expertise in the licensing of renewable energy activities, leading research on renewable energy resources, technology and its application in the renewable energy sub sector leading in the carrying out of renewable energy technical audits providing input in the development of renewable energy master plans/strategies and research work, undertaking technical audits and monitor compliance with renewable energy regulatory instruments, participating in the development of renewable energy plans, standards and strategies and supervising the collection, analysis, reporting and maintenance of renewable energy data.

I hold a BSc. in Electrical and Electronics Engineering from the University of Nairobi and an MBA from Kenyatta University and am a Certified Energy Manager (CEM). 

Any projects that you are involved in in Kenya that you are particularly excited about at the moment?  
KOSAP, Energy Efficiency Programmes.

Are you also involved joint projects with neighbouring countries?
I participate in regional association meetings; East African Community and Energy Regulators of East Africa.

What in your view are the challenges to the energy sector in Kenya, particularly with regards to renewable energy? And the challenges in East Africa?
Human capacity is still low, long approval processes for projects, low per capita usage of energy, access to energy still low.

What is your vision for the energy sector in the region?
That the sector has enough well trained human capacity, invests more in renewable energy and energy efficiency and that demand grows so that the cost of energy is affordable.

How important is Future Energy East Africa on the region’s energy calendar?
Very important; it is always good to share experiences and see how technology on energy is evolving.

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