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Ambassadors 2019


Ambassadors 2019

Meet Our Ambassadors

We are constantly working with our community of industry experts to help us connect with the market and to provide you with the right content to navigate a positive energy transition. Our Ambassadors are experts on a certain topic area and acts as a spokesperson for our event.

Aaron Leopold 

Chief Executive Officer

Africa Minigrid Developers Association Kenya



Bryan Groenendaal
Chief Executive Officer
Green Building Africa 




Pule Segale
Civil Engineer and Future Leader
World Energy Council




Eric Bruggeman
Chief Executive Officer
SA Capital Equipment Export Council


Terje Osmundsen
Chief Executive Officer
Empower New Energy



Wim Jonker Klunne

Lead Coordinator Energy and Environment Partnership



Rajesh Ramesh

Manager, Business & Project Development

AMEA Power


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For further information regarding the Future Energy East Africa Ambassador Programme, please get in touch with us.

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