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1 - 3 September 2020
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Tuesday 1 September - 15:00 EAT

Roundtable 1 - Kenya

Discussions on the implications, practical considerations and commercial opportunities with regards to Kenya's New Energy Act 2019.


Roundtable 2 - Uganda

Uganda's integrated approach to electrification:

Uganda is working to achieve an integrated approach to electrification by having utilities work with off-grid renewable systems and distributed energy resources to increase connections, stimulate demand, reduce costs to make minigrids more economical, and encourage productive use of energy.  Understand the status and ask your questions to the panel.


Wednesday 2 September - 15:00 EAT

Roundtable 3 - Rwanda

Rwanda’s Vision 2050 for access:

Rwanda's Vision 2050 sets out the overall direction for the country to become smart, wise, fair, happy and healthy society by 2050. The plan emphasises universal access to quality, affordable services in energy amongst others. Sufficient electricity supply is vital to economic growth and expanding household electricity and a pipeline of projects is planned to deliver the anticipated demand.


Roundtable 4 - Burundi

Doing business in Burundi:

Gigawatte Global's 7.5MW solar plant in Burundi became the country's first grid-connected project supported by the Renewable Energy Performance Platform to begin full construction at the beginning of 2020. The first grid-connected solar development by an independent power producer in Burundi, the project will hopefully pave the way for further foreign investment in the country's renewable energy sector.


Thursday 3 September - 15:00 EAT

Roundtable 5 - Tanzania

Tanzania: Energy Demand Management: addressing the gap

Tanzania is on track to achieve 100% grid penetration by July 2021, yet as it stands right now, on 29% of Tanzanian households are tapping into the national grid (with a further 26% using off-grid solar solutions). 

  • What can Tanzanian learn from this discussion to address the gap between the envisaged achievement and the actual take up?
  • How have off-grid minigrid companies used Productive Use of Energy to achieve almost as much electrification in the country as the national grid, in a much shorter time period?



Roundtable 6 - Ethiopia

Ethiopia's energy resource planning:

An exploration of the resource planning undertaken by a variety of Ethiopian stakeholders to understand:

  • Integration of variable renewables into the Ethiopian electrical grid considering the development scenario until 2030.
  • The Ethiopia Electrification Program